strong language in Finnish

Sometime in the winter of 2016/2017, my collaborator Johanna Vaattovaara and I turned our attention from the so-called “the magic word,” please, toward a more controversial collection of words, namely swear words. As with our work on please in Finnish, our main aim with this project is to try to find out why and how Finnish people use English-sourced swear words in Finnish discourse. After all, it is not like Finnish does not have all sorts of good swear words on its own.

So far, we have one published article as part of this project. Using a modified matched guise technique, we explored the relationship of the English borrowing shit to the domestic Finnish equivalent, paska. The results show that, like our previous work on English borrowings in Finnish, the word shit is associated with the more urbanized southern part of Finland. The article is available as open access here.

Published by Elizabeth Peterson

Linguist. University Lecturer at the University of Helsinki.

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