Dynamics and Innovations in Discourse-Pragmatic Variation and Change

I am co-editing this volume, to be published by Cambridge University Press, with co-editors Turo Hiltunen and Joseph Kern. The book is based on a selection of papers that were presented at DiPVaC4 in Helsinki.

The book deals with three main themes: methodology and theoretical considerations within our field, under-researched discourse-pragmatic variables, and discourse-pragmatic variable in contact situations.

The volume will consist of 12 chapters, a foreword and an afterword. Familiar authors from the field of discourse-pragmatic variation and change, as well as a few new researchers, will be represented in the volume. Some of the variables investigated include pauses, um and uh, is all, you know, and but.

The volume should offer an exciting addition to the burgeoning work in this area of research, focusing around the activities of the Discourse-Pragmatic Variation and Change Research Network. The fifth conference for this research network will be in Melbourne, Australia in June 2020.

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